Volunteer for TdlM!

Yes, we'd love to have you join our team! Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form to let us know you want to help.

Volunteers receive festival discounts, get to know other dancers, help make an amazing event even better, experience the joy and madness and love behind the scenes, and get to celebrate at the TdlM Team Dinner on Friday, October 30th, which is just for staff and volunteers. Whatever your motivation for wanting to help out, we're super excited to have you onboard! For more information and more photos go to the TdlM Team page.

If you are able to host out-of-town dancers in your home, please contact Tova directly.
<tova@morenotango.com>, 617-435-2284.

A few of our amazing 2008 volunteers (top left to bottom right): Anna Custo, Henry Finkelstein, Veronika Kruta, Fareesha Ali, Michael Silverman, Indre Rapalaviciute, Liz Ehrman, Brenna Hayes and Janey Smith, and Alisha Durant and Anna Custo.
Photos by Marty Katz and Sorin Varzaru.

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