You're looking for hotel roommates, lodging with local dancers, advanced workshop partners, or maybe even car-travel buddies, yes? We want you to connect with others who are also searching! Based on feedback from previous years, we know that the numbers of people who are looking for roommates and partners and buddies are much higher than they appear, since many of them keep their search a secret. Please don't! Help us help all of you by using the options we provide below to fulfill your needs. The more people looking, the better the chances are that each one will find a good solution!

The Facebook Group

If you're on Facebook, you've hopefully already joined the Tango de los Muertos Group. Once you've joined, "Start a New Topic" on the group's Discussion Board, or post to the Wall outlining your needs/desires. We'll monitor the group and will do our best to help out when we can.

Photo by Alejandro Almanza, TdlM 2008.

If you're not on Facebook, and if you're not morally opposed to it (it seems similar to how many people felt about cell phones before they got one), you can join Facebook here. Last year, attendees arranged pretty much all of their TdlM connections through the Facebook group and we expect this year to be similar. (Since so many tango dancers already use it on a daily basis, that's no surprise.)

The Forum

You can post a message on the Forum outlining your needs and desires (just in relation to housing or transportation for TdlM, though!). Last year didn't see much activity here, but we'll monitor it and will do our best to help out when we can.

If you travel a lot and are often looking for a place to crash and new friends to meet, then join and look for a host there. It takes a while to join, since you'll need to fill out a bunch of information about yourself if you want people to seriously consider hosting you. But, this site is extensive and full of possibilities, and not just for Tango de los Muertos! There are over 700,000 Couchsurfers listed here worldwide, and in a quick search I found that over 300 of them live in and around Boston. Most of the members are not tango dancers, but there is a Tango group on the site that you can join to connect yourself to some other dancers.

You must note, though, that is not just a free place to stay -- it's important to make time to get to know your hosts or cook them dinner or otherwise let them know that you're not just looking for a free crash pad. Couchsurfing's mission is "not just about finding free accommodations around the world [but] about making connections worldwide". (For you skeptics, this site recommendation doesn't come out of nowhere. I've used it twice and had two positive experiences with it.)

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