About Boston and the Festival Venue

Boston is a big city with a small city feel. It's beautiful and historic, drawing millions of visitors each year. These people don't come just for the tango ;), but also to watch the Red Sox, visit Faneuil Hall, the Public Gardens, and famous sites of the American Revolution.

The Tango de los Muertos festival venue is the beautiful arts center, Springstep, at 98 George P. Hassett Drive in Medford, MA. Medford is a quiet suburb just four miles north of downtown Boston. The town is nice to walk around, has tasty restaurants, and there's an excellent hotel right next to Springstep, the recently-renovated Hyatt Place. It's easy to drive from Medford to tourist sites in Boston and Cambridge, but during Tango de los Muertos, Medford will become the hub of Boston's coolest locals and most fascinating visitors, so you'll probably want to stick around.

Springstep in the evening

Springstep in the daylight
Photos by Greg Premru. Copyright 2008.  

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