The Tango de los Muertos Team

This festival is made possible (and excellent) by the support of a dedicated team of people. The team is headed by Tova Moreno, the festival's instigator and idea girl, with technical and moral support by Carlos Moreno. But the festival would be impossible without our amazing volunteer team! Over the years, we've had a handful of volunteers who've gone way above and beyond and we want to thank them whenever possible, so Thank You to Michael, Wendy, Shu-Yee, Alisha, Bruno, Satyen, Liz, Wonseon, Kevin, Barbara, Juliet, Miriam, Lisa, Iael, and Anna Custo. We are so grateful to you, and to all our other awesome volunteers!

We need to send an extra special 2009 shout out to Wendy and Alisha, who have been working with us on the final edition of TdlM pretty much since TdlM 2008 finished. Their clear vision, stellar ideas, and follow-through continually Wows us.

We would also like to thank our venue, Springstep, for their contributions toward improving the Boston arts scene and for their generous support of this festival. Click here to learn more about becoming a member of Springstep.

For information about volunteering for Tango de los Muertos, please check out the Volunteer page.

And for more info about Tova and Carlos, visit MorenoTango.


Photos by Marty Katz of some of our amazing volunteers from TdlM 2008.

Top row: Wendy Coleman with Carlos and Tova; Nigel Smith, Carlos, Alisha Durant, and Tova; 'fighting' to dance with Shu-Yee Chen during the jump-in thank you dance.

Bottom photo: Tova, Shu-Yee Chen, Kevin McCusker, Liz Ehrman, Carlos, Bruno Afonso, Wonseon Choi, and Satyen Kale.

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